At Yonge & Seven, the patients can benefit from a combination of procedures depending on their specific dental needs and goals. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive services, with a focus on orthodontics. We understand the importance of a complete and functional smile, and our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to meet your dental needs.



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Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are the most commonly needed form of orthodontic treatment. When using this method, Clovedent Family Dentistry in Toronto will attach brackets (or bands) to each of your teeth with a bonding agent. The arch wires are then fitted into the brackets and typically held in place with rubber or wire ties. Advancements in technology have made braces smaller and less noticeable. You also have the option of tooth-coloured ceramic braces that are less obtrusive than traditional metal braces. Both braces and elastics can be multi-coloured depending on your specific requests. Clear aligners are available for adult patients.

Removable Braces

Also known as aligners, removable braces are used when your teeth only need to be moved horizontally. This type of orthodontic care requires a highly motivated patient who will follow a strict regimen. You will wear your removable braces at all times except for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. In other words, you must be diligent about replacing your aligner several times during the course of the day. If you forget, the length of the treatment time will increase.

Clear Aligners ®

The Clear Aligner® system features clear, nearly invisible aligners that are used in less complicated cases to straighten teeth. You will use a series of custom-made, removable aligners that gradually move your teeth without the need of metal wires or brackets. In this modern approach to straightening teeth, you will use aligner trays that are smooth, comfortable and constructed from virtually invisible plastic. All you have to do is switch to a new set of aligners approximately every 2 weeks until you’ve achieved that confident smile you’ve always wanted. The best part is that most people won’t even know you’re wearing the aligner!

All Ages

A common procedure for children, we are pleased to provide options for patients of all ages. If you have issues with misaligned teeth or improper bite, you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Keep in mind, straight teeth are easier to clean, which reduces the chance of decay.

What Our Patients Say

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I've been to many dental offices over the years, [Yonge & 7] Dental is hands down THE best I've ever been to. Popy is especially THE BEST hygienist I've ever seen. She is so skilled at what she does and offers excellent advice for dental health. And Dr. Tobis is so kind and such a skilled dentist ! You won't find better dental care anywhere else IMHO !


A nice and clean clinic. The front staff along with Dr. Tobis, are kind and caring. The care received is exceptional, very much in large part to Popy.

Simply put, Popy is the best health professional I’ve ever come across. I’ve never met someone in the health services field who is so kind, caring, and knowledge. The moment you speak to Popy, you can tell Popy loves what she does and her patients.She goes out of her way to be friendly, and explains every bit of her work. Her work also speaks for itself. I always look forward to my appointments with her because she’s simply a gem of a hygienist and even more so, a gem of a human being!


I needed emergency care and Dr. Lawrence Tubis received me immediately, treated me thoroughly to my satisfaction. Many thanks to him and all the dedicated staff


Dr. Tobis and Popy always make my visit something to look forward to!I don’t like going to the dentist as I’ve always feared dental visits,  and I don’t do well with pain….  However they always make me feel super comfortable as well as continue to educate me on my dental journey .  They treat their patients with so much love and it truly shows 😊Thank you so much for making my fear at the dentist something to now always look forward to.This place is awesome !Highly recommend


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